Overview of Company: Z-Guard Zinc Anodes.

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Why Anodes?
Briefly explain the process of corrosion in wooden & GRP Boats and steel hulled vessels and how z-guard anodes protect valuable underwater fittings.
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Data Sheets
For a comprehensive range of Zinc, Aluminium, Magnesium and Stern Drive anodes and their material specifications please click onto our data sheets.

Zinc Anodes Data Sheets, Aluminium Anodes Data Sheets ,Magnesium Anodes Data Sheets ,Engine Anodes Data Sheets, Zinc Specification, Aluminium Specification, Magnesium Specification.

Boat Design
For instructions on how and where to fit your anodes to Wood/GRP, Steel or vessels in fresh water please click on the relevant scheme.

Wood And GRP HULLS, Scheme A, Scheme B, Scheme C, Scheme D, General Anode Assemble And Installation Details, Steel Hulls, Select the Right Quantity And Anode Type for your vessel.


These pages provide information on products offered to Ship Owners, Shipyards, Port Authorities and Offshore Oil & Gas companies.
Shipping, Offshore, Ports.
A Marine Growth Prevention System (MGPS) for the engine cooling water system of pleasure craft.

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Z-Guard News
We provide current and achieved company news on topics such as awarded contracts, innovation and new products. 
Z-Guard News, Z-Guard News Archive
Help Desk
A link for our full contact details and a site map link for an overview of our website.
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