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Marine fouling and bio-fouling can form at all depths and temperatures and is commonly found in boats seawater 
cooling systems. 

Z-Guard has developed a minute marine growth prevention system (MGPS) adopted for the pleasure craft. We use the
principles of the common method of fouling prevention, which consists of a specially formulated copper alloy rod anode to
prevent marine fouling, and a built-in cathode to allow the system to be utilised with any type of pipework. The anodes are 
supplied DC current through a power unit which is powered from the boats 12v-24v battery supply.

The resultant cupric ions produced by the copper anode flow through the cooling water system and prevents marine 
growth from settling. As a result your pipework will last longer and avoid blockage and consequently maintenance costs.
An MGPS, once fitted requires little maintenance and is not damaging to the environment. 

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