Steel Hulls
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Z-Guard zinc anodes have been developed to provide the highest possible current output combined with the most streamlined anode shape. This ensures good protection with the minimum of drag on the vessels hull. Z-Guard Zinc Anodes are intended for use on all types of private yachts, harbour craft, motor fishing vessels, trawlers, ferries, coasters, dredgers, cargo ships and tankers.

The most important and internationally accepted standard for the manufacture and performance of Zinc Alloy Anodes is the U.S Military Specification NO.18001 K.Z-Guard Zinc Alloy Anodes conform to this specification. The figure below shows only a small part of the entire Z-Guard range and special Anode types can be manufactured if required. Z-Guard Zinc Anodes will also be pleased to provide detailed recommendations for the protection of any type of vessel upon receipt of full details of the vessel or floating plant. If possible please provide a drawing or sketch.

Steel Hull Protection Schemes
1. Protection schemes are designed to prevent corrosion of the entire immersed hull area including exposed shafts, brackets, rudders and propellers.

2. Design formula: Length water line LWL X(Beam+ Draught)=wetted surface area.
Medium displacement yachts: 3/4. Light displacement yachts: 1/2 area.


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