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It is now evident that piles corrode at rates far in excess of what is know as acceptable due to an increase by the 
presence of colonies of bacteria caused primarily by Sulphur Reducing Bacteria (SRB). This phenomenon is known as 
Accelerated Low Water Corrosion (ALWC) or Microbially Induced Corrosion (MIC). Identified by orange soft organic 
bacteria (Ferric 3+ oxides), with a black layer (ferric sulphide) hiding bright, pitted steel. Research revealed that Cathodic 
Protection greatly reduces the corrosion rate in the presents of ALWC. Contact us if you require your jetty or piling to 
have a correctly design cathodic protection system with a negative (Cathodic) Steel-to-water potential measured with 
respect to a Silver/Silver Chloride reference electrode of at least - 900 mV to ensure it is free of biological attack.


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