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  • Yamaha (Magnesium):
    Aluminium outboardes should be protected with zinc anodes in sea water; as aluminium anodes produce alkalinity at the cathode which can effect the aluminium casing. Magnesium Anodes are avalible for fresh water environments.

    Z-guard offers a full range of equivalent zinc and magnesium anodes for Volvo Penta, OMC-Johnson-Evinrude, Mercruiser-Mercury, Mariner-Yamaha, Suzuki, Yanmar, Honda, Bukh, Vetus, Arneson, Hamilton etc.
    Z6644537101M YAMAHA Mg FIN 20,25,30,40 AND 50HP
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    Z6884537102M YAMAHA Mg FIN 60,70,75 AND 90HP
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    Z6J94537100M- YAMAHA Mg FIN 150,175,200,225 AND 250 HP
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