Step by Step Shopping of Sacrificial Anodes on Z-Guard Website                                            Page 2

Product Selection:
You can select products by one of the following methods. Suppose you are searching "Zinc Rod"

By Using Menu 

Clicking Zinc Rod in Menu will display all the Zinc Rod Products.

Please note that Menu can go up to Fourth Level 

Method 2:
By Clicking on Products in Menu (See Red Box) will display this page 

If you are not comfortable with tree view structure then you can click "Products Text Links" link in top right hand side (See Green Box in picture above) to view this page 

Click on Zinc Rod Anodes in Products Tree View or Products Text Links Page 

You will be redirected to this page. Here you click on any product to buy it online.


Method 3:
By Using Products Menu
Clicking on "Buy Anodes Online" link (See Red Box) will show Buy Anodes online homepage.

Click on Zinc Rod in Products Menu  (See Products Menu in Red Box)

Again clicking Zinc Rod in Products Menu will display all the Zinc Rod Products.

Method 4:
By Using Search Field  (See Search Field  in Red Box)

Simply enter product name or product code you are looking for in search field and click on Search Button.

Again clicking Search Button will display all the Zinc Rod Products.

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