Tank Anodes    
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Tank anodes are used to complement the coating at areas of exposed steel prolonging the life of the coating and structure. Hydrogen is evolved from aluminium anodes and thermite sparking may occur when light alloys impact on rusty steel. Therefore there is a height restriction in cargo/ballast tanks in tankers that anodes are not located at a height (in m) greater than 27/W where W is the total mass (in kg) of the anode and insert.

Zinc Tank Anodes (Z-Guard®)

ZGT10 - 10.0 Kg

ZGT30 - 30.0 Kg
ZGT15 - 15.0 Kg ZGT40 - 40.0 Kg
ZGT22 - 22.0 Kg ZGT50 - 50.0 Kg

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Aluminium Tank Anodes (A-Guard®)

AGT5 - 5.0 Kg

AGT20 - 20.0 Kg
AGT10 - 10.0 Kg AGT25 - 25.0 Kg
AGT15 - 15.0 Kg AGT30 - 30.0 Kg

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